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    with Essential Oils

  • Welcome to the Oil Life!

    Hey beauty, so you made it here...


    These oils will change your life in almost every way, I promise.


    This may sound like a bold statement, I know, but it's because I've seen 1,000's of homes transition their life and their health, one drop at a time.


    Did you know that essential oils can help you~
    🌱Sleep better

    🌱Stress less

    🌱Improve focus

    🌱Support your digestive system

    🌱Boost your immune system

    🌱Detox your body

    🌱Promote glowing skin

    🌱Reduce aches and pains

    🌱Open up your airways

    🌱Supercharge your energy

    🌱Support your cells.......and so much more!


    We now live in a time where natural wellness is crucial for maintaining our health. My mission is to educate and support others on how to proactively protect, support, and cultivate real health using plant-based products and essential oils.


    Our bodies have an innate intelligence to serve us when our lifestyle, environment, and daily choices are in alignment. I’d love to walk with you on this journey and be your guide.


    XŌ Sharon

  • Experience Essential Oils

    Want to get your hands on some oils before you jump in? ⠀

    I have the perfect plan for you.

    I will send you oils and product samples for you to try! You will be added into our private "Oil Experience" Facebook event where I will be teaching you all about these oils, products and answering any questions in a Facebook LIVE each day. As a bonus, there will be prizes and giveaways!! What??!!

    There are only a few simple requirements to be able to get these goodies in your hands. ⠀
    1. You must truly have an interest in learning more and using doTERRA. ⠀
    2. You do not already have a dōTERRA membership. ⠀
    3. You are not already speaking to another dōTERRA Wellness Advocate.

    4. You cover shipping.⠀

    Is that you? ❤️⠀

    This is a wonderful opportunity to experience some of the products that my family and I use daily for immune support, digestive support, respiratory support, sleep, and reducing toxins in our home.⠀If this interests you, fill out the form link below and I'll be in touch.

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