• The Details: How it works

    They say it takes one drop to start a ripple - and I’m betting it was a drop of Frankincense, because that shit is magical.


    For you, it’ll start with an incredible product experience.

    You'll order your oils and they (without fail) surprise and delight you. You will be in awe. Perhaps a bit bewildered.

    You promptly fall head over heels in love with them.

    Your oils effortlessly become a part of your everyday wellness routine. You will grab for them first. Your purse will weight an extra 5 lbs. In no time at all, you see real, tangible results in all aspects of your life – spiritually, physically and emotionally.


    Knowing that you have one of the greatest secrets in the palm of your hand (and in your bathroom cabinet, and in your kitchen, and on your desk, and in your handbag), inevitably, you’ll become compelled to on-gift the gift that has been given to you, and you decide to partner with Mother Earth in this precious and sacred way. This is because you, my friend, are soul inspired; you’re always looking for ways to help others (it’s in your DNA).


    Myself, along with other leaders on the Drops of Hope team, will open our arms to you and will now mentor you on how to share the gift of doTERRA with others.

    You’re provided free weekly training and mentoring, and will grow in to the best version of yourself. This keeps you moving, motivated and firmly in your magic.


    (This is where it gets really exciting)


    Each and every week, you’ll invite like-minded humans in your community into an experience with the oils, and you’ll educate and empower them to live essential oil lifestyles. Along the way, some of those people will see the beauty of the path you’re walking and will want to link arms and walk alongside you. Those with the open-hearts and open-minds - these people will reveal themselves to you as your business partners. As your team grows, I will act as your guide. I will mentor you on soul-aligned and practical ways to duplicate your efforts, to create momentum and a fast-growing community.


    As you can see, this isn’t your standard model of business.


    This model is the epitome of teamwork. There’s no room for “Us” versus “Them”. This business model is one built on the foundations of a community leveraging itself so that all may rise. This is why I’m such a huge advocate for collaborative leadership.

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