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  • Meet Sharon

    Hey, I’m Sharon!


    Welcome to the Drops of Hope community.


    I love that our paths have connected. I believe there are no coincidences, so Welcome!


    I am so excited you’re here because I know you are passionate about finding a more natural approach to your health + self care. I am another you.


    I'm a essential oil educator and Gold leader with doTERRA leading a beautiful community of customers and business partners around the world. I learn + live + teach about essential oils. It’s my calling.


    10 things about me

    1. I am a mom of 4 amazing children (2 girls and 2 boys)
    2. I am a police wife
    3. We have 4 dogs, 2 hedgehogs, 3 birds, 1 cat, 6 chickens and some fish. It’s a full house :
    4. I love to travel the world and experience new people and places (and food!!)
    5. I am a certified Holistic Health Coach
    6. I’m a foodie, there is nothing I won’t try
    7. I love green juice and Kombucha
    8. I see 444 at least once a day. I am eternally grateful for my Angel guidance.
    9. My doTERRA journey took me to Nepal to help with humanitarian efforts and to see our Wintergreen distillery. This experience has changed my life forever.

    My HOPE at the end of each day, is that you will experience the gift of healing with doTERRA essential oils.


    Want to connect....

    About oils?
    About the biz?


    Click the box below, lets schedule some time together (phone, skype or in-person). I want to know you, educate you on the oils for you, your family and your pets too!


    Lets connect soon!





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